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Below are testimonials from some of my clients.

As a complete gym novice, left to my own devices, I was putting in a lot of effort without feeling much gain.
Rhona set me up with a simple but varied programme, which made my workouts far more interesting & I started to feel the benefits almost immediately.
As well as patiently answering my (many) questions without making me feel foolish about asking them, she demonstrated everything in my programme really clearly & provided me with notes & progress trackers, which allowed me to confidently go to the gym on my own & take on a wide range of exercises & the use of machines that I wouldnít have dared go near previously.
I couldnít be happier with the guidance Rhona has provided.
James Cumming

You donít have to be a celeb to have a personal trainer, says workout wonder Rhona MacGregor.
The busy 26-year-old teaches Kettlebell training throughout North Ayrshire including Kilwinning Academy and The Studio in Saltcoats.
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Irvine Herald, Friday, February 24, 2012

Beach boot camp works up a sweat.
Lorraine Howard joins fitness fans for army-style exercises. It's 7am and as I make my way to the beach to take part in an early morning boot camp, I begin to think I have made a mistake. Have I taken my mission to get fit too far?
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Irvine Herald, July 22nd 2011

I started off with the intentions of having a personal trainer twice a month, on meeting Rhona and with the workout and training we did together it became more fun and that I decided to change it to once a week. I have some difficulties with some of the training so Rhona will always adapt it for me. I have now lost 2 stone and more than 16 inches.
Rhona has become more of a friend than a personal trainer. I would highly recommend her for being a great motivator, pushes you on through when you would have gave up yourself and she always has great new exercises to do and routines to do so it never gets boring.
I find the weight, measure and fitness analysis really helpful as it allows me to see what I have achieved and keep me on track and there is always something that has came off somewhere which is good.
P.S. These trousers used to be too small!
Claire xx

Get fit in your own home with the Irvine Herald!
A lot of the people I train are busy and want to do a workout at home too Ė these simple exercises will offer a good workout in your living room.
Iím looking forward to reaching a lot of people and hope that we can help them reach a great level of fitness.
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Irvine Herald, August 19th 2011

Training with Rhona has been a fantastic way of pushing my fitness to an entirely new level. She has giving me the confidence to know I can achieve a goal and the encouragement to push me towards it. She has recently helped me to smash my 10k target and I'm now on my way to my first half marathon (something I thought I'd never do). Training is always fresh and fun with lots of giggles along the way but don't let that cheeky charm full you because she will make you do an extra 10 just because she can!
The results are worth it though big thanks Rhona!

I have no hesitation in recommending Rhona for Personal Training. She has a great attitude towards training friendly but very professional.
Rhona looks at your life style and nutrition. She installs a balanced attitude to a healthy lifestyle, she listens to your goals and how to achive them. She has a good variety of exercises allways varied from week to week. Rhona is a excellent motivator and is good at knowing you limits and pushing you to them.
I will keep using Rhona for personal training for the foreseeable future.
Stephen Walker